Warnings for flooding issued for parts of Maine with potential impacts on Labor Day travel likely

While the majority of Labor Day weekend was pretty solid, Monday was looking a bit wet. Too wet, actually.

Maine needs rain, people were waiting for rain so the weather could get better. It rained ofcourse. However, the timing isn’t the best. A lot of rain in the span of a few hours could lead to flooding also. The rain has already started to fall in some parts of Maine and the likelihood of flooding increased as the day progressed.


Monday morning, an initial flash flooding alert was announced in the northern part of Massachusetts. While it was not in our region of coverage, this had an impact on the traffic that is going south.


The greatest rainfall amounts are likely to be found in areas that are most crowded by Monday’s traffic.

There’s a flood warning in place for areas of Maine including the whole Maine Turnpike and the Midcoast. Other routes that connect to New Hampshire, like 302 in Oxford county, are included in this list.These are the counties which are most likely to receive heavy rain on Monday, however there may be isolated high-water problems that aren’t in these areas.


Hence our taxi cab services in New Hampshire, Maine won’t be functioning as smoothly as earlier until the flood situation is under control. Boston Car Service MA will advisen consumers to reserve a taxi cab a little earlier than their planned time to tackle unexpected change in routes or little delays due to weather.


As rain is expected to continue into Tuesday morning and into Tuesday morning, the flood watch will continue to be active up to 8. a.m. Wednesday. For the sake of reminder the word "watch" means the conditions are in place for a particular type of weather (such as flooding in this instance). A warning indicates that it’s occurring or could be imminent.


Showers get more frequent through the early morning. A few of them could be quite heavy. Expect rain to continue expanding to the easterly as the day moves along. What makes this storm distinct, however, is that rain will build up and bring down rain in the exact locations repeatedly.


This increases the chance of flash flooding in some cases particularly as more heavy rain is accumulating. A second low pressure is expected to move across the almost-stationary front. The possibility of steady, continuous rain in large quantities is more likely to occur through Monday night and into the overnight. This rain will be falling on areas that are already saturated, and this increases the flood risk somewhat.


Tuesday’s forecast shows a gradual clear-up from north to south with York county being the final region to be completely cleared. There is likely to be huge temperature differences as well and northern Maine climbing into the 70s while areas in the south remain around 60 degrees. The highest amounts are likely to be seen in the southwestern part of Maine and towns with a small population might see 3" or 4" of rain in total.A general 2"plus is likely in this area. In other areas, 0.5-1.5" of rain is the most likely scenario. This is actually quite good positive news regarding the drought.


It will also guarantee a stunning conclusion to the week.Sunshine and low humidity and pleasant temperatures are guaranteed starting Wednesday , and continuing through the weekend.

Boston Airport cab will advise consumers to reserve a taxi cab a little earlier than their planned time to tackle unexpected change in routes or little delays due to weather.

Image Credits- National Weather Service