The Boston car service privacy policy

The Boston car service privacy policy

Privacy Policy
We wish that you take some of your time to read our terms of use and privacy policy. It is our responsibility and concern to ensure the privacy and security of our clients. It is for this reason that we ensure that the personal information about you that you share with us is kept secure and safely. We do not share this confidential information that our clients share with us with third parties.

Tracking traffic on our sites
We only track traffic on our sites with third party software from Google. When doing this the things we track are the geo-location and other selected site usage but we keep the identities of our clients anonymous. The sole reason for us conducting this exercise is for our in house coverage uses.

Use of cookies and IP logging
The blog that we have has got some plug-in that sometimes use cookies and may log in your IP for safety and for measures to deter fraud. We assure all our clients that we use open standard techniques that majority of websites use currently. Sometimes we track your IP when you submit a request in order to validate that request. We do this to avoid the possibility of our sites being spammed.

Personal Information use
In some instances we normally request our website users to give us their personal information such as email, name and even websites. We often ask these requests when users are commenting on our blog or even when sending a contact or query request. We assure you that we keep the information that you provide to us private, only website address and name remain public. In all except for the name and web address that you provide will be known by the public.

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