The Boston Road South will remain closed to repair water main, Holbeach

Anglian Water company said that Boston Road South may be shut until the final week of the week after it was summoned to the location on Thursday. The closure was reported on One. Network.

A spokesperson from Anglian Water told bostoncarservicema.comWe regret that customers who were in Boston Road yesterday Boston Road may have experienced extremely low-pressure water or even no water at all.

We were working all day to repair a ruptured water main and the water supply was restored to full capacity after the day’s end. "Whilst the repair has been completed and water is restored We are currently working with a third-party contractor to fix the road’s damage. These works are being evaluated today.


"It is expected to happen that this road is going remain closed until the end of the next week. The situation will become clearer after we have the assessment completed.

"We once again apologize for any inconvenience that may have occurred." Traffic management is reportedly implemented as well. Anglian Water said it expected the situation to be back to normal by the early the next morning on Friday.


Our sources tell us that Boston Road South reopened in August after a sinkhole had shut it three years earlier and now it’s closed again. Our Boston to Massachusetts car services was able to pass through the road for about a good month. It’s a convenient passthrough and it also proved to be very useful for local customers in the area.

Around PS500,000 has been paid for the road in the past by Lincolnshire County Council and Anglian Water since the first issues began in the year 2019.

Major work was finally completed on the 25th of August, though certain minor work was scheduled to be completed later. Bostoncarservicema assures at location pickup. If you’re in the neighborhood of Boston South Road you can rely on us to pick you up from your door without any excuses.